ray ban outlet uk How to Make the Grenadier Mixed Drink

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ray ban outlet uk How to Make the Grenadier Mixed Drink

How to Make the Grenadier Mixed Drink

Today I’m going to demonstrate how to make a "Grenadier" cocktail. We are going to start off as always by pouring our ice into our six ounce mixing glass and then we are going to build our cocktail from there. Now our two main ingredients are going to be gin and light rum. We are using Well Brand but feel free to use any brand of your preference. We are going to go equal parts so we are going to go with three quarter ounces of each or a three count so it’s going to be one, two, and three to get our desired level of alcohol. Next we are going to fill it up with pineapple juice, from there we are going to add a splash of lime juice to really bring out all those flavors and a splash of grenadine, now grenadine being a non alcoholic cherry and pomegranate syrup. You are always going to find that behind a bar really important beverage to have it really adds a lot to every cocktail. You are going to get your martini glass ready and then you are going to mix your ingredients and shake vigorously, release all those flavors and then finish off by straining your cocktail into your glass and there is your "Grenadier", a drink you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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